Does this sound like TD onset or something else? someone must know

I have a long term history of antipsychotic treatment.

I am pretty sure it’s currently sub clinical TD

I have had the odd extrapyramidal response before - 2x distonic reaction.

Lately in the last few weeks I’ve had attacks that last about an hour where i twitch every minute… trunk, diaphragm, lips, hands fingers thumbs, shoulders (one or both - with or without the head), knees, eyes blinking and back… all sudden jerks, mostly isolated

not each time all of those and not at once but one twitch after another

I have other things going on slightly - lower blood pressure than normal low, dizziness, some stumbling, fatigue, irritability, possible restless legs onset in the last couple days for short times, (so far have only been restless in trunk until now).

If this is TD and i’m on the lowest dose which i can get to on my current med
is Clozaril a good option?

I was curious so I googled it. It appears that Clozaril has a lower risk of TD especially in combination with Sulpride as it better targets the dopamine receptor in question (D2). Talk to your doctor.

yes part of that sounds like TD…

the other parts sound like you need to get checked by a medical MD type professional…