Tardive dyskinesia

My right side started twitching mouth and eyes on haldol.

Contact your psychiatrist immediately @roxanna.
TD is a major issue with Haldol.
You don’t want to mess with it.

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I’m scared to develop this. I already march in place

Yeah I’ve got to go to the er.

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Article says they may treat it with clozaril is that the drug they blood test you every btwo weeks or something?

I forgot to take a benztropine. Now this.

Should I still go to the er?

Was it one time?
How long did it last?
Has it stopped?

It started with the haldol 10mg day and then10 mg at night.with the addition of Prozac 40mg.

I haven’t taken the benztropine yet but may

I don’t want to go to the hospital

Maybe you should take the benztropine as prescribed.

If the twitching is continuous then I would go the ER.
Also contact your doctor just the same.

I forgot benztropine. To take it. I’m going to the er anyway. Just waiting to get temp outside to go down a little.

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Can you go with someone?

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No I have to walk

How far is it?
Can you take public transportation or a cab or Uber?

It’s very near . I’ll be alright

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Ok @roxanna good luck and be careful.
I would also let your psychiatrist know what’s going on.
Leave a message if you have to.


Benztropine is kicking in. My eye feels funny. Oh well lol

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Please keep us posted on what happens @roxanna.
Tag my name if you have to.

How do you tag? Name