For Those Of You Who Don't Know


This Is What Health Care In America Looks Like When You Have No Insurance or Money


that wasn’t very kind to Mexican fellows


No she’s right. We take all the health care.


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My mom is going to be hom3rdlesz.


Homeless. 5185515


that’s not Mexican immigrants’ fault. I am so sorry.


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Im ligging out for a while. My mom cant get help fir her health. U am angry at everyone. Just read mothers crisis thread.


Hope you feel less angry when you come back. I have removed one of your posts because it looked like you posted your address. Take care!


I’m so worried that this is gonna be me someday. God I hope not :worried: we really need to fix the system.


My Mom was like that for a long time. She went around the country homeless and we didn’t know where she was, or if she was even alive until 5 years later. And she has been in the same place for 11 years. I don’t know what made her stay but I think it had something to do with money having to have an address for SSI to be paid.


very outragous.
There is a term out there called " Vulnerable adult". These type of patients are to be housed and cared for by each states Dept of Disabilty & Aging.

Yet many are a bit money hungry.


  1. I met a guy worse off than myself (mentally) and homeless and using a wheelchair. He was not faking it. His one foot was covered in diabetic lesions. He could not stand.

He slept in his chair behind the pizza place dumpster. His speech was unintelligable. Many people gave money and food. We and many others called government departments. There was no help.

  1. An elderly woman at my last apartment claimed she was kidnapped. She had some level of dementia and it showed. She was paranoid, would not open the door.

Well, she had been kidnapped, by Dept of Aging (commited) and later released for reasons unknown. She was loaded: xbig apartment, paid deposit for large dog, beautiful luxary furniture. She was always coming home from shopping.

(people who are taken in also have their funds and saving appropriated by the Dept of Aging & Disability to pay for care)

I suspect they are currupt in their morals and thinking, but they are not breaking the law.


As a Scot living in England I feel very lucky to have the NHS. Part of me feels guilty for getting free medical care but I did pay in plenty earlier in life when I worked hard and paid my share. I feel very bad for those in the states who cannot afford healthcare and end up homeless or destitute, I think it is so wrong that such a well off country lets it’s people down and leaves sick people to suffer poverty and homelessness. This would never be allowed in the UK, it upsets me a great deal that this happens in the US.


Mexico has free health care. I don’t want to hear anything about we can’t afford it. Rich people need to pay their fair share of taxes instead of going around loopholes and lobbying for tax breaks.


If you can afford it, great. No worries there. If you are rich, you should pay higher taxes to pay for those who are on low or no incomes. I quite agree on that point.


The way the system is now, the taxes go on a tier status. The more money you make, the higher tier you are on. Once you reach a higher tier, they only tax the extra money you make.

So ex.

Tier 1 - 15k per year

Tier 2 - 20k per year

You make 16k per year, they will tax the 1k you make over the 15k. The higher tier you are on, the more you are taxed though. But there are other laws that allow the richer people to get around taxes that are only afforded to them because they are rich. Such as if you give to charity or if you lose money on something you own. So obviously the more money you have, the more you can give to charity. And Donald Trump is famous for losing so much money in the 90s that he doesn’t even have to pay taxes TO THIS DAY


That’s a good system, makes a lot of sense, apart from the obvious tax dodges. Don’t even get me started on Trump! That man is a bent ■■■■■■■ who should never have been elected. I won’t get hellbent on politics since it’s not allowed on here, but I do think the system you have described makes sense, mostly.


Had a panoc attack and staryed yelling halfway home.


And yet many Americans rant and rave in an uncivilised manner about the evils of socialised medicine.