Im going to the crisis center

Not to be admitted but to talk with someone.if theyll let me. I know i havent helped the neighbor ordeal but i need a break from them. I almost rather be homeless. But my mom is moving un feb with us. Please think of me if i cant say pray. Bbl.rox.


Sounds like a good idea @roxanna.


Good luck, Rox. I hope they’re able to help you.


Good luck @roxanna.
Take care of yourself.


Thx yall. Quasall


Take care, and let us know how you are doing, going it alone, like you have been doing, is very hard.

Wishing you luck, love, and joy


Sounds like a good idea @roxanna. Hope you work things out. BTW, I like the kitty on your avatar.

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Turns out they dont care. Im not bothering anymore.

Merry ■■■■■■■ christmas

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What do you mean they don’t care?

I’m sorry @roxanna. I think it’s safe to say we all do though (care). Stay strong.


If they dont care to call you back they dont care.they told me i could go to respite and gave me the run around ■■■■■■■■. I thought they were all after me while i was in there. Receptionist wants to maske a sigh like im bothering them.hours have passed. I have to make plans to leave. They dont believe imsick because they took every ■■■■■■■ thing seriously.

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What’s respite?

So in your country you can go to a place for a short respite when you’re mentally ill? It’s not a psych ward?

Yes. Its not a ward.

We don’t have that here. Why didn’t you like it?

I didnt get to go because my caseworker wouldnt sign for me.

I need to get something out.

This is my last year of life. I dont have much time.

Somethings been following me around when i leave the house.its in the room right now.

Ive been seeing little lights leaving the riom. Theyve been sending high pitched noises everyday.