I don't see it gone

I cursed at those people. I don’t need this shiiit chair they all pee in ■■■■ you you cat ■■■■■ ignore us when we rang. For vky you you dumb ■■■■■. There is no hope.

Rox, you need to go to the hospital. Please. Just go to the ER and let them handle it from there.

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I would go to another place to rent if possible.

I’m not going to the er. I have been nearly a dozen times. My father had his lungs operated on . Had two heartattcks. My mom was hit by car a mothercycl e
Pitbulls attacked her

I have gonna in myself twice

Do you see what I mean?
They’ll try and send me to respite which never ■■■■ helps. Merry ■■■■■■■ Christmas.

@roxanna do you have a TV at home? Can you watch that?

Yes I do. My bfs asleep. Could uo

Can’t type in this table. Some has to help me for a sec. How can I keep going on with these ■■■■■■■■ It’s bad enough they live above me.

What about just putting in headphones and listening to music?

Yes that helps. I’m on a hit list because I’ve yelled at people.

Where is this hit list? Is it online? Can we see it?

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