Mom's in the emergency department waiting for a bed

Hi everyone,

Got a call on the flip phone while I was eating supper at a restaurant from my Mom’s home care worker that the fluid on her lung has built up again and the ambulance was there. I just got back from the emergency department at the hospital and decided to leave as they’re still waiting for a bed in the department. Was talking to my brother, and he might fly over for the weekend from Ontario (it’s Thanksgiving in Canada, then). I’m better this time as I’m emotionally stable and not flipping out. Needed to let you all know.


I hope your mom feels better soon. And I’m glad you’re handling it so well.


I hope she is able to get well quickly. It’s good you are feeling stable. We’ll be rooting for you both. Hopefully she won’t have to wait much longer.

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She’s in the right place. I hope she gets well soon.

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I hope your mom is ok. I’ll keep her and you in my thoughts and prayers

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I also hope your mum feels better soon and am glad you are handling it so well.:slightly_smiling_face:

sorry to hear your mom is having problems, and that she is having to wait. hope you can get through this alright, glad you were able to be with her for awhile.

Sending warm thoughts for a quick recovery.

I’m sorry your mom’s not feeling well. I hope she was able to get a bed without too much delay and is now getting the proper care. Keep us updated if you want and please take care.

Sending positive thoughts your way!

I’m sorry to hear about this @anon96671092
I hope your mum has a recovery asap

Love and care to you @anon96671092

Hope everything’s going to be ok and your mom will be alright.

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