For folks in the United States, do y’all remember Welfare Cheese?

That stuff was so good made me wanna stay on welfare! Jk. Idk but I haven’t had such yummy cheese in years. I was an 80s kid.


yes i got some withwick for kids

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I think that was part of a program that benefited both dairy farmers and the less wealthy people in our country. They killed two birds with one stone.

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We got it a few times when I was young. I don’t really remember what it was like.

I had to Google it. It’s sounds like the processed cheese precursor to American cheese.


You can still get it through some food pantries.

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I’ve no experience with it. I’ve used a food shelf a few times in the past and they never offered any cheese. Mostly just dry and canned goods, eggs, and maybe a little meat.

Still grateful for the help I got though.

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I remember one of my uncles getting it. I remember that it was good.

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Are you serious? I looove that stuff. @Moonbeam i take it you didn’t grow up in the 80s.

I live in WV. Our cheese came in this long cardboard box.


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