Foolish me

I shouldn’t have went to the bars last night.

Really woke up a lot of dissatisfaction with people. Left myself drained. Not a good time.

I don’t think I get the vibe. I’ve always fallen short of having a good time around people. It had been a few weeks since I went out so I thought it’d be harmless, yet there it all is. Fear and loathing.

I almost want to cry right now out of confusion. I put a good distance between myself and those environments to avoid this… slip up once and it all comes back.


Sorry you didn’t have a good time at the bar. Maybe go with someone next time maybe? Or find a quieter bar?

ha yeah… maybe both. Thanks for the concern @everhopeful

I really should just take it as a sign that I’m well beyond enjoying those experiences and I should just grow up. I mean it’s just a reminder, even when left to be infrequent, the bars aren’t any fun to me.

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Did you drink at all? I always had terrible anxiety the mornings after when I used to drink.

Anyways, hope you feel better soon :v:


Yeah but not much. It was more the mixture of what people bought me.

Did a number. I just had a good lunch and I’m feeling better.


I hear that. I can hardly drink coffee without going dumb, but I smoke tobacco and I smell everywhere I go.

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