Made an attempt to go out - got social anxiety

I tried to go to the pub. Man it was tough. I hope it gets better cos that wasn’t remotely enjoyable

you know a couple of people at the pub do you not?

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They weren’t in. It was other folk. I downed my pint and left sharpish.


ah well, you win some, you lose some lol

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That was a big leap!!!

I am not brave enough to do that. lol x a million.

Sooo very proud of you! Optimism always helps.

I am shocked you tried such a busy place!

I will write you more in a minute. I need a moment to recover!


You’re doing better than me. I just leave the house to get my meds or to see a doctor now. As you say I hope it gets better in the future.


My support worker is coming tomorrow. I figured I could tell him I went out but it was a failure. Won’t be doing that again any time soon.

Ps am worried the folk from the pub are checking this thread out online and having a right laugh.


They’re not. In fact they’re probably still at the pub. In fact they probably didn’t even notice you were in the pub in the first place.

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You made a big step it does get easier with time. I have been where you are and now I am able to socialise.

In terms of suspicion that people from your pub are reading this. I had the same suspicion with members of the mental health team but it was untrue

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@anon20613941 You did well just walking into the pub. I couldn’t do that on my own.

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Trying is not a failure. It is tinkering with a problem.

I feel you you put to much pressure on yourself???

This happened last time about 3 wks ago. Remember you were trying to accomplish a shower everyday?

Then you did that, but you also wanted to add diet and weight loss at the same time?

After you made many post about paranoia, and flirting with quitting meds?(discouragement?)

Give your self a bit more time to settle-in and become comfortable with a change might help?

Keep doing your daily showers. Even if they are 2 minute showers on not-so-good days. They do count.

You have done really good with showers in general this whole month.

The park for fresh air yesterday was a good idea.

If you can, and are ready, how about a visit to a park, but only twice a week for now?

This means you would continue with the progress you made on showers, and then just “dip a toe in the pool” so to speak with socializing.


That’s good that you went, maybe next time invite a family or friend. I used to be ok socially but now think people can read my intrusive thoughts and I get anxious. I feel people think of me all these terrible things.

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