Foodie Thread- Take 2

Yay for the start of a new foodie thread.

Dinner tonight was some slow roasted lamb with zhoug (the ■■■■ is amazing - everyone should be making it) with some wilted garlic kale!

I look forward to seeing your creations!


Looks delicious indeed (and sounds).

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Aside from zhoug (recipe: Flavorful Zhoug Sauce! (Middle Eastern Cilantro Sauce) | Feasting At Home ) everyone should be making ginger scallion sauce and putting it on everything:
Ginger Scallion Sauce (姜葱酱) | Made With Lau

What are your favourite sauces?


I’m not a sauce expert yet, - my relatives are. But I would like to learn to make all kinds of sauces, so thanks for the link. I rock on the soups and some other meals more of atm. :slight_smile:
The Sauces can add so much into the overall taste of the foods, so yeah, might invest some time into this.

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It’s worth it and you can make extra of both of these and store in the fridge. It can transform ordinary food into something amazing!

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I believe ya, the sauces are very important to make the food blending “together”.

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This soup is called ‘Seljanka’ which I’ve cooked many times already. The soup is a Russian soup and very tasty. Here’s a recipe for the Estonian version of it: NAMI-NAMI: a food blog: Canteen classics: Solyanka, Estonian style


Yum- I’ve never made anything like this before!

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Give it a shot. The soup has a really tasty flavor. The sour cream on the top is essential in it too.
This soup has some spice!

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A traditional lunch in Denmark called “smørrebrød” in Sweden smörgås" - in this case smoked trout, with scrambled eggs and chives on ryebread


I made Egusi last week. It’s a Nigerian dish. Very bland. I figure you can add spices.

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That’s the moment you lost me. Kale is nasty.


Kale is delicious if you cook it right.

I put cardamom in my coffee. I love it. You only need 1/4 tsp in a cup. It’s a strong spice

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I think you meant to say if you bin it.


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Lunch is over. Now dinner. Free range chicken stuffed with onion, parsley, thyme, lemon and a slice of baked potato, and stock with red wine


All joking aside, kale mixed with chopped up bacon is pretty darn good. I don’t go out of my way to eat kale, but it can be doctored up to be palatable, and even delicious.

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Finished product.

Which I Finished.



1/4 teaspoon? That’s a lot. I only put a pinch or less in my hot chocolate. It’s that strong.


Raviolis and mushrooms :mushroom: :yum: