The Food Thread


In honor of food and @Arlbar


I’m just making drumsticks with stuffing and a veggie tonight. Probably wax beans.


Spaghetti and garlic bread for me tonight


I had cheese ravioli and a hamburger without bread. Might have some walnuts


I just air popped popcorn with seasoned salt.


Now I want popcorn but don’t have any.


I decide on baked chicken , stuffing and corn and raw veggies with dip


I had this amazing snack bar today. Its hazelnut and cocoa flavour.
Also my sis made an amazing coconut potato curry was just wat i needed :slight_smile:


Last night for dinner I made my husband Nathan’s hot dogs, while i ate Jennie-O Turkey dogs. With mac n cheese, spinach artichoke gratin, and baked beans. It was about 1,000 calories! But in all reality I really need to start limiting myself.


Change in plans, going with gyros


Supper time


Looks good. What is it?


Spiced chicken thigh, stuffing, sliced tomatoes and extra old white cheddar cheese.


Gotcha. The cheese threw me for a loop. I thought it was a stick of butter :sunglasses:


Eek! That would be kind of icky


I just made tomato mix with old tomatoes that are too old to have on sandwiches but that are still good enough to cook.

I chopped the soft tomatoes and cooked them with garlic,spring onion,herbs ,onion powder …

It’s like crushed tomatoes in a can but homemade.

Will get back to this thread when I know what’s for dinner.
I think.:slightly_smiling_face:

I suggested we make spaghetti bolognese with the tomato mix but my bf has not decided what he wants to eat n what we can agree upon.

I am not used to not living alone yet.
I think he can be too bossy .
I told him clearly I do not believe in me obeying him ,his family nor friends.
That is very wrong towards me.

But I guess it is nice if we can agree on something we both want.


Meatball subs and salad for supper tonight. I started some pizza dough and put it in the fridge to rise overnight. I’ll punch it down after work tomorrow, let it rise for 30 min, top, and bake. Have some roasted red peppers and goat cheese to put on it. Also? Brussel sprouts and bacon (don’t laugh, it’s good).


Now I want brussell sprouts! Your menu sounds delish!


Woo hoo! I found farmer sausage wieners for supper tomorrow! Not sure what I’ll make as a side dish. Maybe mac and cheese. I love it when I find stuff in the freezer! Bazinga!


My bf said no to spaghetti bolognese with home made tomatoesauce so we are having schnitzel instead .
We both love :two_hearts: that.
Spicey chicken schnitzel with pasta carbonara from Aldi .

My bf said as we are cooking his friends girlfriend died a year ago and she left him her money and less than a year later he is with someone new.

Are people so replaceable to some…

I feel a bit bad about Anders but also about the brown eyed man and others I am not clear with.
I do not want to be unloyal.

I guess maybe it is a support and can help cope.

So if I die my bf would move on immediately with someone else.

I know there is someone who would not .not romantically but friends…

Anyway schnitzel is delicious.