Food is no longer an issue


I eat to be healthy now. no more dogma. I have a smoothie for breakfast and then a big fish salad for lunch as my health food. and then I play it by ear what I eat for dinner, I mix it up. it’s not always health food and im happy about that. I went a little overboard in the past.

it’s as good as im going to get and it’s easy to keep up with.


Sounds healthy, reasonable, and easy to maintain. :slight_smile:


I like it! Sounds delicious too. Now tell me how often you run for veggies and tell me about the types of fish you eat. And tell about your different choices for dinner and amounts. Are you losing or just mantaining? Do you have enough energy?

edit sorry to be nosey I’m looking for a diet and I like the sound of yours


That sounds like an awesome plan! I hope to reach what you have achieved. :slight_smile:


Sounds healthy, but you may not want to eat too much fish, the heavy metals may cause brain fog, or worse. Maybe switch to chicken / turkey?


Yeah it does sound healthy.
Good for you @Boogaloo.


@leaf the only veggies I have is kale, green leafy lettuce mixture. some diced onions, some frozen peas and i’ll snack on carrots on the side. I eat a big salad, most of the veggies are my greens I get about 3-4 cups of greens per salad.

for the fish I just buy 4 cans of canned salmon and 3 cans of tuna per week, I alternate days. I’ve heard sodium can be an issue, all I do is run them under water and then throw them in my salad. I use the the 5oz cans.

for dinner I usually just eat a frozen dinner or little totinos pizza of some kind.

you should know now that im eating 3 times a day im no longer losing weight. I was 155lbs three months ago when I went to the pdoc and yesterday in the nurses office I weighed 156lbs. so im pretty much maintaining my weight. my low was 148lbs sometime in the summer. right now im trying to put on some muscle so Im no longer worried about my weight.

overall I think it’s pretty good diet maybe a little too much sodium. o and my energy levels are good, but I’ve always had a lot of energy.


i made ramen for dinner, and i put 3 eggs in it and onion and garlic. thats pretty good for me, i usually resort to microwaveables