Food at 11pm

Pretty sure I’m gonna go buy 6 doughnuts and eat them all.

Sounds good enjoy :doughnut::doughnut::doughnut:

Nvm I just had oatmeal with protein powder.


That sounds like a much healthier choice!

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Haha. Yeah. I actually should be having 160grams of protein a day. But I get pissed at the world and just drive 6 donuts into me.

Wow. Why so much protein?

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Well to maintain muscle mass in a calorie deficit. Like I am only eating 1 meal a day. And I’m definitely in a deficit. Women anything under 1500cals a day and men anything under 2000cals a day(not precise numbers) (changes based on weight and lean body mass) it stops your body from using the muscle as fuel instead of the fat. I have been doing a little research in trying to loose weight.

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