May have to give up some of my dogmas to build muscle

so right now, im getting 70g of protein a day. if I bulk up I may need some more. I don’t want to eat tons of beans everyday. so Im reconsidering my vegetarian diet and thinking about including fish or chicken once a day. once I hit my fitness goals I will go back to vegetarian diet for maintenance.

I think I read somewhere that the top u.s Olympic weightlifter is vegan or vegetarian. but he’s not really lean like I want to be. my cousin who is a bodybuilder says that when he cuts down for competitions he eats 75% protein and 25% carbs while watching his calories. I would like to be 170lbs with a six pack. right now im 158 with a bit of a belly and a little face fat. but the good news is I don’t need as many calories to gain weight anymore with the meds. so I won’t have to necessary eat like a glutton like many bodybuilders do.

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Your physique now ain’t bad. Imagine being 100 lbs overweight. If you develop bad eating habits as a result of eating more protein you will balloon up in weight.

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you have a point there.

maybe I can just add 6-9oz of meat and keep the rest of my diet the same. that would give me over 100g of protein. I’ve read you want a gram for every pound of bodyweight when trying to add muscle. but I’ve also seen others say it doesn’t have to be that much.

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