Folks living in apartments - what’s noise etiquette?

There is a flat below me which is rented out as an Airbnb. I am not loud but I sometimes stay up late watching movies.

My living room is above their bedroom so I moved the tv to the other side of the house. My tv is now above their living room.

The downstairs landlord has asked me to wear headphones in case I disturb the guests this is fair enough I suppose but they are uncomfortable. Plus downstairs guests make a lot of noise and are not at all noise conscious.

I figure since I am not making noise above their bedroom I shouldn’t really have to worry about the noise of the tv at night (they can’t hear it in their bedroom).

What pisses me off is I looked at some of the Airbnb reviews and one set of guests were too cheap to hire a 4 bedroom house and two slept in their living room and complained about the noise of my tv and me walking around at night.

Getting criticised in public with no recourse from me fucked) me right off.

I mean again I don’t make a lot of noise but the walls are thin. That shouldn’t be my problem

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I tried to make minimal noise after 9 when I lived in apartments. Those were the rules for both of my campus apartments. When I lived with my ex, I was lucky we lived on a bottom floor apartment, so we didn’t have to worry about noisy walking.


If they’re complaining about you walking around I wouldn’t worry about that. Nothing you can do. As for the tv, I don’t really know. But if they’re being loud enough that you hear them, no way in hell would I be wearing headphones.


Also, if he wants you to wear headphones, tell him to get you some comfortable ones. That purchase shouldn’t be your responsibility.


The rules in the U.K. is ‘quiet time’ is 11pm to 7am. I will wear headphones between those hours but not outside those hours.


Walking around at night is fine, what are you supposed to do hover? If you have creaking floorboards like I have, then it’s up to the landlord to do something about it.

As for movies at night, I don’t watch anything after 1 am, even though my neighbour below me is nocturnal and awake during the night.


I currently have the loudest neighbors ever.
The ones above me yell at their kids all the effing time and the couple next to me are always crabby and arguing.

Me, my wife, and my baby are the quiet ones. The TV is never loud, our laptops always stay at respectful volumes, and when we talk or laugh we don’t project or make our voices loud.
As long as you do what I’ve been doing, you should be fine and it just sounds like you just have ■■■■■■■ neighbors, just keep trying your best to ignore them and be respectful (even though you’re already doing it).

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I’ve been in an apartment and had neighbors down the hall who cranked their stereo really loud at 2:30 am. Then those neighbors got indignant because the people downstairs shut their door too loud during regular waking hours. In the U.S. there are a lot of people who rent apartments who think it is odious if you expect them not to make loud noises at ungodly hours. They simply will not listen if you ask them to turn their stereos down. It varies from apartment to apartment how much noise is tolerated. I’m talking about apartments at the low end of the rent scale. One time I lived in these apartments where this man was totally bananas, and he stood outside in the hallway bellowing at all hours. I did have some sympathy for him, because he was so crazy.

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I would just say keep the volume down at night and move about freely unless you are stomping or pacing. If they are making noise too I don’t see how they can complain. You might want to talk to the manager or landlord to see what the policy about noise is, these problems you list are common problems in apartment living and should be resolved peacefully. They may be oversensitive or have problems of their own. They may be nice people who want to get along or they may simply be as*holes who are selfish and unreasonable.Being on good terms with neighbors is always a plus.

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I don’t see how it should be your responsibility to cater to some other guy’s business unless you’re making a cut of the profits. I’d say, keep it down during quiet hours, and otherwise feel free to live your life.

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I used to live in an apartment where the people above me where so bad, their kids were jumping in their room hard enough to knock one of my pictures off the wall and shatter the frame.

Apartment etiquette is pretty straightforward, really. Don’t blare your electronics, don’t stomp, don’t yell. If you can, try not to stay up all night watching TV.

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I’d be pissed as ■■■■ too with those rules. What does your contract say about such things? My neighbors can be noisy as heck but we have quiet hours from 10 pm to 7 am and we all respect them plus my landlady is a no BS woman.


I believe in having a good relationship with your neighbors, since you live in cross proximity with them in the building. I had a noise complain about me when I first moved in but all is good now. My friend from work is staying with me for 8 days before he goes back to Korea. Hope he’s not blasting Korean music or dancing to Gangnam stlye when I’m not in the apartment.


I have the tv on but the volume low. The rest of my apartment has no additional noise like a dishwasher going.

If there is no extra noise I can hear fine at a volume level of 15 - 20 on my tv. I usially turn it off by 11pm.

I too have to get up at least once a night for one reason or another. I do walk quietly, but I am not going to stay thirsty.

Is there any carpet on your floor?

People are in general,are supposed to be quiet from 10am to 6 pm here.(but they are often not).

Now I have to find out what airbnb means.

ok. wow. It says shared rooms is when guest sleep in a bedroom or common area that could be shared with others.

the others might not know each other ?:face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Is she your landlord too? why is she running a s- -t shack hotel under your place?

If she is not your landlord, can yours do anything to help?

Is she allowed to run this type of business there? Here, businesses must not be in residential areas.

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