Advice on acceptable noise levels regarding not disturbing neighbours

Downstairs in an Airbnb. The folk who stay are all on holiday so understandably they want to have a nice time and not be disturbed.

Thing is we have very thin floorboards and sound from my house carries.

I use headphones between 9pm and 8am. I like to listen to music after 8am and I try to keep it as low as possible. Same for tv.

I just don’t want to be a nuisance

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Yeah I try not to be too loud because of the people who live underneath me. I do walk around a lot. Not sure if it bothers them.

Luckily the walls are very thick where I live. But sometimes I hear my neighbour vacuuming at odd hours, or the other neighbour having loud talking guests.

There’s also one who sometimes plays loud music, but he only does it in daytime.

I try to keep my volumes low.


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