Noisy neighbors

My days of peace and quiet are gone. Now I’ve got noisy neighbors. In a room a few doors down they had left the intro to a movie play loudly over and over again. It was getting on my nerves.

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I understand. We need our peace and quiet
I live in a block of flats and they had a workman in hammering and drilling it was annoying

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Haha. I had that for 5 months. Until I sent a Solicitors Letter - they shut the hell up then. It was well worth the fees. They ended up getting evicted anyway, for not pay the Council the Rent.

Royal Pain in the Proverbial I Know.

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I feel for you. I had to leave my last apartment because of noisy neighbors and the neighbors at my new place are pretty loud too. I reported them to the landlord, but it didn’t really help.

I try to stay in my living room where it’s a little quieter during the day. There’s nothing I can do but find ways to cope.


I found having noisy neighbors to be stressful. I hope something can be done about them.

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