Fkn sz made me dumber

It started at 19y.o. second year of college before getting into university. My general grades went from 85-98% to 55-70%. I still got my college and university degrees as passing grade is 50%. But now I am disabled in bed. I am surprised that I am not depressed given the big downgrade and damage sz did to me.


Big same. It sure sucks, hey


My grades were 50% too

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Did you pass with 50%?

I hope your symptoms improve, mental illness sucks

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I feel dumber for every day that goes with this disease. Reading books and learning a new language can postpone cognitive decline.

Good you are not depressed, at least.

Depression really sucks and drain every mental capacity you have.

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I was bright throughout my life.
I maintained a B+ average in high school without studying or trying.
I got into a good university and then my mood symptoms began.

I basically flunked out of college during this period.


All my grades were the lowest possible
but i passed and graduated.
I still don’t know how


Same for me after sz, passing grade was only 50% in my university, I thought it was 60% at first.

I hope I can still get some good grades I haven’t tried yet.

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I went from a 4.0 GPA before sza, to graduating from university with a 3.0 GPA after sza.


Also no matter how much more I studied my grades didnt improve. My brain feels thicker to pass information through. Lots of working memory problems and ADHD.

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I went from the minor leagues with a 3.89-3.9 to top 20 and got a C average while schizophrenic. I was a STEM major…never finished. My IQ was at least 120 from what I figured but the decline was so much I rather never think or try again…

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Yea same for me. When i tried studying the other day i felt my brain exploding, I couldnt focus and was stressed too much.

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I am getting worse and worse. Early onset dementia is a real fear of mine

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I don’t know. Community college didn’t prepare me for math at Cal/Berkeley in 2011. I was supposed to be an economics major but then I got prodromal unknown undiagnosed undifferentiated schizophrenia and didn’t seek or get help up there. I came home a failure.

Now, looking back, I thought I was messed up but I could be thinking things that are messed up and not entirely true or real in this world…maybe another world…

I felt early on I had memory loss and memory damage like a thought disorder like schizophrenia. I had negatives the day after I smoked pot back around 2011…

I got PTSD from nothing except maybe a men in black or alien encounter which isn’t probably real but feels real…

My IQ was between 130-140 but can’t do ■■■■ now due to the meds mainly…been on them so long…

I was good at community college but bottom of my class at Cal while I was there especially in the math department…

All my community college friends did well or surpased me especially my best friend…

I really tried too hard and broke down and had a burnout…

I keep getting dreams and believe them and altered sense of reality…

I wanted to be an investment banker but was failing each midterm and stuff with 1-2 SD below the mean average (each math class was curved you know)…

I can’t even remember my life prior to schizophrnia which really messes with me…

Cal/Berkeley was ranked #1 public school in the country (and they say the world back then) and then top 20 overall in the us according to us news and top 5 math department in the world…but their graduate programs are even better…

I just got sick and paranoid and never recovered. I should have never attended or went there but it was my dream then I fell all the way down to the gutter…it was pricey and stressful. It was 10 years ago, but feels like a different world now…

I got in because I did well at community college and they give us preference in california as transfer students…

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I’m sorry you’re struggling. I’m the same, though, so don’t feel alone. I was a straight A student before SzA. My grades slowly got worse and worse. I quit high school in 11th grade, but got a GED.

A couple of years ago, I was studying to become certified in Medical Billing & Coding. But I ended up in the psych hospital, manic & psychotic. I’ve never been the same since then. I immediately went to part-time work. Then, this last June, I had to quit work entirely.

My brain doesn’t work anymore. I feel really stupid, nowadays.

Anyway, don’t feel alone in this. We gotchu.


I felt early on like I had dementia as a college student…which was weird…

I can’t remember things anymore and my memory is causing me to say stupid things…

I just feel like I keep resurrecting and going to different or the same/similar timelines for infinity and can see or remember into other parallel universes that might be real or might be my imagination or figments of dreams/reality.

Anyways, I was just a piss poor below average college student there and I should have stayed home…I feel…

I just looked into the rankings and listened to my friends who said to go there and it was a beautiful campus, but I didn’t realize how political and stuff it was…I didn’t read or look into politics or the history of the place…


At least nowadays there’s a belief that you can achieve despite the dx . I don’t doubt it’s hard, but you’re not automatically written off, as was the case when I first developed serious mental illness.


Same for me, feels like dementia and I only got into kinesiology in university bcz my best friend who is now a Dr told me to do so. Maybe my sz would have been better if I wasnt stressed by university etc Also shouldnt have smoked weed as I had my first brief psychosis after smoking weed for the first time, lasted a day. Weed is legal here.