How did you do in school?

I’m just curious. I was always far ahead of my classmates in everything throughout all of elementary school and most of middle school. I was often very frustrated because I felt like I was held back by my peers, so I never liked group or partner work. Teachers loved me and always said my future was very bright. I was straight A’s and had a 9th grade reading level by the 3rd grade, and started reading when I was 3. I won many academic awards and was on straight A honor roll. When I was in the first grade I entered a writing contest and was disqualified because the judges were convinced my mom had written the paper. I was going places, or so I was told.

Then towards the end of middle school my depression went full blown and my academic performance started slipping…I gained significant problems with attention due to this and my delusions…I began to fall behind in classes…everyone would be confused because they knew I was intelligent but got these totally average or subpar grades.

I’m still in that place today. If I wasn’t so tired and didn’t find paying attention so incredibly difficult (it only got worse after my anxiety became uncontrollable) I think I could go back to being that straight A student. I just don’t have the energy for it anymore. It makes me so angry sometimes, like I’m not living up to my potential.

My grades don’t reflect my effort or intellect. I hate the grading system.


I always did very poorly at school I’m just not that bright. Have some memory of seeing aurora around people that affected my concentration in the very early years. Have a few memories of hallucinations around 9 years old. (Which has only come up in therapy) Depression affected my concentration in my teen years. Generally socializing I did poorly as well.

I did seem to improve in my scholastic learning as I got towards the end of my school years (16) By then I was doing a training course for catering which had academic education.thrown in. Was supposed to be for two years but was offered a job at one of the places I did work experience at the end of the first year. The job also had a big possibility of an apprenticeship so jumped at the chance.

I was doing a course around my 30th and once again it had scholastic learning thrown in. The guy who was doing it was an Adult learning lecturer which is much like the US community college. He was pushing me with some really advance stuff and pushing me to think about going back to school because I was completing it. Surprised me cause I’ve always got the impression I was just dumb ( I still do)… He was also the only one in my life to tell me otherwise.

To cut an even longer story short. I may sign up this year (Oct) for next year for social worker study. One of my case workers found this out for me. There is a social worker course that’s tied in to fill my education gaps while studying to became a qualified social worker. But I’m still procrastinating on it and have been for awhile now.


Don’t believe a word of that bull****! I make straight A’s and have A+'s in half my classes. Grades do not mean anything in regards to intelligence. Look at the circumstance of the person. There are super-geniuses that make horrible grades. I have always struggled with severe apathy but I’m starting to apply myself a little and I know I can do whatever I want. I just have to apply myself! I can’t stress it enough. You just have to grit your teeth and just apply yourself a little. Some people have to really try but at least they know how to work hard.

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I am a straight-A student. I have many A+'s in half of my classes. I know how you feel when it comes to success and struggles. I have always struggled with extreme apathy. I’m now trying to apply myself a bit. Going great so far.

I did well in elementary school and middle school. Then I was in all the advanced classes but got poor grades in high school. Probably the start of a long prodrome. I got into college on the strength of my SAT scores and Achievement tests alone. I was mixed in college, I got every grade under the sun and withdrew and dropped a lot of classes.

Then I developed SZ and dropped out. After that I took some classes at a local college, and ten years later I went back to college and finished my degree. I was a much better student after I knew I had SZ than before.

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Still that’s great you ended up pursuing further education! I hope you accomplish your goals!

Excess video games starting at age 5 killed any kind of academic career for me

My story almost exactly, except I didn’t go back to college -

I had a four point in both high school and college, but in college I took easier and easier courses to keep it together.

I did pretty well in school before high school. My sixth grade teacher arranged for me to skip 8th grade. I went from seventh right into high school. Unfortunately it was a big mistake because I couldn’t handle the situation of being a year younger than everyone else.

It was hard being physically and socially one year younger than everybody. I was already shy before this but it overwhelmed me to be the youngest kid in high school. A a result of being too young, shy, and introverted, girls were pretty much ruled out.


I started off very well but then entered a long decline from about 9.5 when boys I’d outperformed previously started overtaking me. I think a lot had to do with what we call in the UK “learning difficulties” (which I’ve never had help for due to lack of recognition and a diagnosis) which impacted on my academic performance .
I don’t think it ever occurred to my parents or the teachers as to why there had been a decline from being an well above average student among my peers to one scrapping average.

Really? I started playing video games around then too but they never harmed my academics. I guess I had other hobbies too though.

You didn’t play enough if that’s the case

I am not bright in academy,but I do better in sports and gaming activities…it’s okay

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I am probably something of an outlier when it comes to academia. I made excellent grades despite my illness (which struck full-force when I was 12). I graduated high school with honors. I took advanced placement courses whenever I could. Unfortunately, I attended college and dropped out in the first semester because I was living on my own and working too, and school was getting in the way of work. I had to pick one; so I did…I picked work. I was making $7.60 and I had to keep my financial head above water. That’s when my remission began. It would flare up again 8 years later (2008), and I’m now back in the system.

I did really well in school when I wanted too. Was always praised for my creativity by teachers then a combination of schizophrenia, laziness and finding out my dad would buy me alcohol ruined everything. Ended up being expelled half way through high school haha

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I did well in school despite the fact that I did make my homework maybe once or twice in 6 years.

People tell me that I am very bright, but my symptoms, especially in college got in the way.
I was a good student in High School but my grades suffered in college - had to drop out because of my manias and deep depression.

I did most of my learning on my own - school has taught me very litte.
I guess you can say that I was self taught - college and university is way over rated in my opinion.
If you have the cash, you are in

I’m doing well in school NOW.

When I was a kid… I got passing grades… but it took a lot of work to get them. I was so hyper… I had a very hard time focusing. I was always in trouble for class clowning around.

I know I had better luck in classes that had us out and doing things rather then sitting still and be talked at. I had a no luck in those classes.

I barely graduated… I broke when I was 17 to 18. My friends were graduating high school and I was in hospital. My Mom got tutors in when she could and helped me get my GED eventually.


I used to to obtain mostly A’s during elementary school through my associates degree in college. I took a break from school and worked. My mental health took a serious downturn over that time period out of school and I started psychiatric medication. I returned back to school recently and have found that I struggle to care about my grades like I used to. It’s difficult caring about learning and doing well in school when you dont even want to be alive