FIXING Intelligence - Solutions to low IQ through neuroscience - Dr. Jordan Peterson


This has implications for schizophrenia.


I would like to watch this later, but I can’t on my phone.

Could you give us the gist of what he says?


Essentially he is using the term “disease” as a lack of a better word and in a metaphor for possibilities that have been aroused with developments in neuroscience. And what he says is “what if you could give someone a ‘pill’ (metaphorically) and that will shift everyone’s IQ higher, to over 100” and think about what if everyone could have the reasoning to be able to work a decent job and live a decent life because of this “pill”?

And yeah IQ is not a good measure of intelligence, but they were speaking (in this one or another one) that IQ can determine someone’s skills when it comes to their test results. An IQ below some point might show a difficulty with something, while an IQ above another might show an excel at something else.


I’m happy with my IQ. It’s above 100.


I think they implied they could get it higher? By about 20 points or more.


I wish I had my dad’s mathematical talent…
Or even my Mom’s LUL


Low IQ is not a disease.

For whatever reason, some people are just dumber than a sack o’ hammers…poor genetics, upbringing, environment… etc.


Well, I believe they can already change IQ. They can lower it too.

I didn’t watch the video. Is it a pill or therapy that they are talking about?


It’s a lack of a better word.


I think they were talking about possible therapies that can happen in the future.


@anon1571434 do you think that something like this can work for schizophrenics?
Or do we need to first cure schizophrenia to enjoy such a cognitive boost?


I think it can yes. For whatever reason a person might have a low IQ, as a result of a mental illness or poor education, I don’t know which they will tackle first.


That can definitely help people with sz as treatment for cognitive symptoms.


Let’s say they increase my IQ by 20 points, is that going to really benefit me? I can already do advanced math and programming with an IQ above 100, yet I can’t find the skills to get a career, get my teeth brushed, and keep my room cleaned.


What are you missing @insidemind ?
What is stopping you?


Drive, motivation, focus, planning ahead, social skills, energy, and multi-tasking.


The best I can tell you is that it will increase your chances to have a better life.


Positive symptoms like remembering trauma and past lives is a big demotivator.