Fitbit advice


I might be getting a fitbit for Christmas but I have to chose which one I want.

Have you ever used a fitbit? What kind have you tried? What did you think of it?

I’m going to do a comparison online of all the available fitbits. Basically I want something that will track my exercise, steps, and calories burned.

Currently I use mapmyfitness app (which automatically exports data to myfitnesspal) on my walks to work but it relies on gps to track your distance so it won’t work on my treadmill (which I am inheriting this weekend from my mum). I want a wearable device to track what I’m doing on the treadmill along with incidental exercise I get throughout the day.

Any advice is greatly appreciated.

Thanks for reading!

My family all have them.

It depends if you want to know your heart rate, that’s what the more expensive ones do. I think the basic one counts steps but not calories, not sure if any of them count calories?

I use an ipod with a pedometer built in to track my movement :slight_smile:

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A have a fitbit hr charge, purple. I love it makes me not care about taking extra steps because I can see it adding up. It doesn’t count calories but from what I’ve seen on different reports the numbers for calories are way off. Yeah on the treadmill.

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Thanks @Pamito and @twinkit :blush:

I’m thinking more about the fitbit Alta after doing my comparisons. I don’t want something that is too big on my wrist.

I have been using this one for about 2 months that I got on Amazon for $13… For a cheap knock-off it actually seems pretty decent. Mine holds a charge for about a week. Some people have had problems so you might want to check out the reviews.

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I have the fitbit zip. I got this one because the battery lasts for up to 3-4months and its basic without gps. Costs about $45. I use to track mileage and gps stuff which also links to MFP.

If you don’t want to invest in a tracker mapmyfitness I think will estimate your steps based on your height and distance walked/run/biked/hiked/swum. As well as a better caloric inventory of what you sweated off than MFP does.

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Thanks @keepsimple and @Skims I ended up buying myself the fitbit Alta with left over christmas money from years gone by that I had been saving.

I set the daily steps goal lower to start with at 6000 steps and I’ve been reaching that most days. I like the littel buzzing celebration it does when I reach the goal. I will up the goal to 10000 steps soon.

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