Tell me what you love about your FitBit

I’m thinking really hard about buying one and I really want to know what you love about it, what you don’t use and what you really don’t care for.


The FitBit has some pretty cool features. It’s been a while since I’ve worn a wearable (have since opted for an Apple Watch— which I also haven’t worn in a while :sweat_smile:).

When I did use my FitBit, the things that I found most useful were:

  • Heart rate monitoring

  • Sleep tracking

  • Steps per day

  • Fitness tracking

The sleep tracking option was probably the most interesting feature IMO, because it was cool to see the instances I was in REM sleep, deep sleep, etc.

Also, from your previous posts @Leaf, it sounds like you’ve had some issues with sleep in the past. What’s cool about the model of FitBit I had was that it also gave you an average number of breaths per minute during a sleep cycle. I figure this data might come in handy for you and anyone else that may experience shortness of breath and/or interrupted sleeping.

If you continue to rock your FitBit over a decent period of time, it can really paint a good picture in regards to fitness level, quality of sleep, and general heart health— which can also potentially aid your doctor should anything spark questions.

Overall, a pretty useful little gadget :+1:.


They need a lazybit for people like me so I know just how badly I’m doing :rofl:


Heart rate monitoring for panic attacks.

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Have a Samsung smart watch - very happy with it. The features are probably comparable to a Fitbit.

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I like my smartwatch because it lets me know if I haven’t moved enough that day. It’s something I don’t really notice on my own how active I’ve been. So the watch is helpful.

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I love the fitbit and the suite. I pay the subscription and get the premium package but you don’t need it. The basic version is good and syncs well with phone. It’s very good for just fitness. It’s not like a smart watch where you can add apps etc but it’s good for what it does which is just keep track of basics like sleep, heart rate and exercise. The battery life is really good for the fitbits but without apps I guess your never going to use much juice.

I’ve been doing fitbit for like 3 or 4 years now and I love it. If you want better/different features and the option to add apps I’d suggest a brand smart watch.