First IOP group

Well i just had my first intensive outpatient treatment group and my oh my what a group it was. First off, the counselor is about as emotionless as squidward. He is older and talks quietly in a monotone voice. He is truly boring.

Secondly, there are a few bad apples in the group that are completely disrespectful towards the counselor and in turn, to the group. They argued over petty things and interrupted when they saw fit. The counselor has no control whatsoever.

Third, its 3 hours long. Its a huge chunk of day but, i dont really do anything so its not that big of a deal. But doing anything for over an hour usually makes me paranoid. I almost got paranoid after the meeting from being so upset about it.

Just another failed system at work.


When I went to an IOP I think it had some good effects. If nothing else its good to be around people.

This is a zoom meeting so im technically not around anyone. And half the people dont even care about being there.

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Are they going to have it in person any time soon?

that sux that you have to deal with that

i have been to outpatient hospital which sounds like your iop group

it was for 5 hours a day with several groups broken up with smoke breaks

it was also in person before covid

it was run by 4 social workers and 1 pdoc

they based it on cbt and dbt and the similarities

it was the same with the other patients acting out and the counselors had no control

sorry its not going well hope it gets better for you

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Yeah we will see

No. Its all online. Which i am glad about. I dont like going out.

Sorry to hear, man. I been to some myself. I bet you felt relieved once it all finished, lol. The good thing is that it’s online, but it still must feel uncomfortable with so much chaos.

Not me, I like getting out.

I get really bad anxiety when i go out. I prefer to stay at home. This group meeting causes me a lot of anxiety. I dont like being on camera and the constant drone of voices kinda freaks me out. Im talking to my counselor friday to see if i can get out of group therapy and just do one on ones with her.

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I feel bad for you. I’ve always had good IOP experiences and when they’re good it’s really helpful. Can you try a different IOP?

Its the only one in my area that accepts my health insurance. Which is probably why its so bad. Im lucky my insurance pays for it though. Apparently it costs 250 a week. Id never be able to afford that.

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The hospitals by me charge over $1,000 per week. It’s crazy. Well, do you think you can get anything out of it?

Not really. I havent drank for 40 days and have no cravings. I dont really need any extra support. If anything this group makes me WANT to drink. Its stressful because of some of the people in it.

I think you should talk this over with a professional to see if it’s the right program for you to be in right now

Yeah. Friday i talk to my counselor. And if she cant help i got the names of the program directors.

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Good luck

Thanks. I could use some luck. I just got scammed and my bank account was hacked. They withdrew 5000 dollars of money i didnt have and now im negative 5000. That in combo with these stupid meetings…im stressed out

Jeez, I guess you should talk to the police about that or something.

Im talking to the bank. They put a hold on my account so nobody can access it. They are also disputing the withdraw. So hopefully they give me my money back. I dont think the police can help