I started iop today

My nerves are so damn high. I’ve just been let out for a quick break. I’m outside enjoying the good weather to avoid a panic attack now. I thought I’d post to keep my mind on something other than my anxiety.

Today is going to be the start of something good. It has to be. I will make it good even though I wanna quit.

Annnnd time to go back in.


Good attitude! I think you’ll succeed. :slight_smile:


Thanks @Zannah! I’m trying to will it true. Everyone is so nice.


Good luck…I just signed up for a NAMI peer-to-peer class I hope that will be better for me.


Whats IOP?

Intensive out patient…its like group therapy i think. I did mine over zoom.


Nice! I hope you get everything you need from it. That sounds like it could be a really cool thing.

@MadPride nailed it. It’s group therapy that usually but not always DBT (dialectical behavioral therapy) based and typically meets for 3-4hrs a few times a week. My group happens to be in person which is nice.

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That’s awesome! Best of luck with that :+1:! One of my ACT team leaders suggested that I might do well as a peer counselor. Like THAT’s ever going to happen :rofl:.

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Hey that could totally be a good thing if you’re ever up to it. Also looks good on a resume!

I was in iop in when I lived in the states for 3 years. I also lived in a board and care during that time.