Last week of PHP

Only two days left…it feels kind of scary…everyone else in the group always talks about how much they want to leave but I will miss the being in a place where I can immediately share feelings and experiences and receive help pretty much all day. It’s been mostly a really good experience for me. Honestly I really wish I could do IOP, which would then keep me at the place for another 4-6 weeks but only meets 3 hours a day, 3 times a week. But they won’t let me because I can only do the evening one and they don’t let people with my diagnosis do the evening session because there’s not as many resources available or something. (I dunno I think their argument for that is crap really)

So after this it will be back to once a week therapy. I hope the rest of the summer goes well! Still it gives me some reassurance to know that I have a place now that I can go when a crisis happens.