Poll; how often take a shower

  • each day
  • each two day
  • each three day
  • each four day
  • each five day
  • each six day
  • each week
  • each month

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Every third day unless I have to actually go somewhere.

Well i must say there is not much stinky person despite the negative symptoms of sz disease.thats great news

I put every three day, It’s hard to get the motivation to shower. especially with all the work showering entails. wash hair, condition hair, wash every part of me then rinse all over then get out turn off shower. Dry off, put deodorant on, brush hair. it just seems like a lot of work when i’m depressed or unmotivated.


I shower every second day but I only wash my hair once per week

Depends on how I feel. When I’m depressed or psychotic I can shower once in 10 days. But usually every second day and after the gym.

I put every three days, but I go as long as I can. It’s every three to five days. I try to stay clean in between, and I really don’t want to be gross. But, like @cbbrown said, it’s an effort…I hate showering.

Embarrassed to say but for me it must be around every 3 to 5 days. When I was on abilify going through a much darker time I was worse than that and still struggled to scrub myself down.

It took me a long time to get up to showering more. I used to have a lot of problems with the shower. A bath… that was different…

But Showers were hard to take. My sis changed the shower head to one more gentle and it’s become a lot easier.

My boyfriend has to remind me to shower but I do it everyday

5 times a day. I’m like a sponge.

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This might be gross but my butt itches and stinks and it is my motivation to shower every day… am I the only one ?

I was showering every day, but I cut back because I wanted to see if I could save some water, not that we need to in Eastern Oklahoma. I also only flush the toilet every third time. When I showered every day I sometimes had to make myself take one. Now that I have cut back I have to struggle not to take a shower every day.

I’ve remembered to shower every day on my own for over two weeks now without being prompted by one of my devices. This is a record for me since being DXed. The best part is that I managed this despite running out of sarcosine. The new job is definitely helping me build positive habits.


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Every 4th, 5th, and 6th of July. Sometimes on Groundhog Day.

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I don’t have a shower. I use my bath infrequently as I don’t like it and the motivation to run the water,get in,wash,dry etc is poor. I strip wash mainly,on average every 4-5 days or so but recently it has got much longer sometimes.
Sometimes it just doesn’t cross my mind to wash.

I also don’t change my clothes that often . Have gone from being in pyjamas 90+% of the time and only getting dressed to go out, or if I had a visitor due, to being in my clothes 24/7 ie basically from one extreme to another.

I shower every day unless I have the day off and wander around in my pj’s at home all day—then I usually shower the morning after (but only if I stay at home all day, I’m paranoid that others will notice if I don’t shower and go into public spaces). I go to the gym, though, so I usually end up showering twice in one day on most weekdays or I’d wake up in a puddle of my own sweat.
When I was psychotic, tbh, I actually showered for hours every day! Sometimes twice or even more! The water splashing on my head had some weird, cathartic effect that softened my voices and relaxed me. Anybody else have that?
This was especially the case when I was hospitalized; the staff would literally come in and order me out of the shower (which was not nice, since it was a big shower room and they’d open the door leading to the tv room and just barge in). I had this loving relation with showers, for some reason, they really made me happy during my sick times.

I showered more psychotic as well. And took baths. Now it’s more of a struggle, but I never go three days without a shower.


I wash my hair every other day and take baths in between…mostly because I have no hot water

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I would shower every day but the realities of Medicaid make that difficult to do.