Finding a thoughtless state


It’s happening whether it’s good or not. Going completely brain silent to avoid triggering any telepathic messages. I had a dream I was in this state a week ago and now it’s happening. I can always think if I want to now I have the choice.


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Yeah man whatever it is really tore me apart. You learn to just not give a ■■■■. I’ve finally made it. I prefer silence to all that chaos.


Yep that’s where I’m at right now too. Hope things get better for ya :confused:


Meditation doesn’t always have to be legs crossed and humming. It’s just the process of “not thinking”. Helps with a lot of things.


Meditation is GREAT for thoughtlessness. They teach you to acknowledge the thoughts and then just let them roll away. I still use the techniques, and they work well for me.


My state of California gets my vote.


Yes, meditation helped me.