Finally taking Beta Alanine

I’m taking 800mg a day.

It converts into L-carnosine in the body. There’s research behind L-carnosine which says it helps negative symptoms. I couldn’t tolerate straight L-carnosine so I’m hoping for better luck with this.

I’ll try to update weekly.


When I first started taking beetroot extract supplement, I jumped right in at the deep end taking 1500mg and suffered severe abdominal pain. I stopped and then started again, building up tolerance. Now I can take the beetroot extract to the level I want without any side effects and thus lower my blood pressure.

Perhaps, it is a policy of go big or go home, but taking siginificant amounts of any supplement causes drastic changes to the unprepared body. Smaller doses and then building up is a much more sensible way to go imho.

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Good advice. I’m actually starting small. The recommended dose of beta alanine is a few grams a day.


Keep us updated…!!!

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I’m bored so I’ll give an update after only 2 days.

I ended up taking 1600mg yesterday and today too.

Today I had a few hours of chillax from it. I felt “normal” but only for a few hours. It was quite an experience.

It’s a pity it faded away.

I’ve just taken another 1600mg to see if that feeling comes back. So that will be 3.2g I’ve taken today which is by all accounts just a medium dose.


I’m bored yet again so another update:

At 1600mg it acts like a benzo. I don’t know if this feeling will pass with time or not. But 1600mg gives me a benzo like hit for about 4 hours. Then I feel really clear headed for another few hours.

Also it feels like it could be slightly addictive. I’m trying to stick to 1600mg a day now and all I want to do is take another dose. Again I don’t know if this will change over time.


Have you got capsules? I saw 1kg of beta alanine powder for $40 on amazon. Do you think it will taste bad?

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I’m taking capsules. I saw the powder too. It’s really cheap. I’ve got a 2 month supply of capsules though. (120 capsules @ 2 a day) so I’ll stick with that for now.

Edit: I’m not sure what it tastes like.

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@everhopeful have you looked up Phenibut? You can get it a NootropicsDepot and it has a duration of 6 hours.

I ordered it today but it’s only going to be here in about 3 weeks.


I have taken phenybut before. I think I got more of an effect off l-theanine

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I want nothing to do with that. It’s a medicine that somehow is being sold online.

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My dad used to be in the army in Russia and he used it practically every day to no ill effects.

He recommended it to me, telling me it’s great for social anxiety and relaxation.

But I know what you mean, it’s only sold online which is odd.


The benzo-like effect was unexpected. Because I’m also taking l-theanine I’m getting a double whammy benzo effect. But it’s making me depressed!

I might actually take less L-theanine tomorrow.

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Don’t mix the two ! You’ll get a weird buzz, it’s hard to explain but it’s unpleasant.

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Yeah. It feels a bit depressing.

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Today I skipped my dose of L-theanine that I take at noon as taking l-theanine and beta alanine together was too much.

Beta alanine alone carried me over till 6pm anxiety wise. But by 6pm I was almost getting the shakes from my missed dose of L-theanine :frowning:

I took my normal 6pm dose of L-theanine and everything seems back to normal now.

So L-theanine is definetely addictive in large quantities and like I said before you’ll probably go bananas if you quit it cold turkey.

I’ll try this regime for a few days.

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I highly recommended getting off of L-Theanine, the withdrawal is horrible.

For a week straight I took L Theanine and I decided to taper off of it. The taper alone was horrendous, it took me 2 weeks to get back to normal.

I guess everyone is different but L Theanine is not a good nootropic IMO.

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So things were a bit more stable today. I didn’t take my noon dose of L-theanine.

Beta Alanine kept the anxiety away for about 6 hours then I took my 6pm dose of L-theanine.

I didn’t feel over sedated today.

So the results so far are that it acts as an anxiety buster.

I haven’t noticed any effect on negative symptoms (yet)


Since I substituted beta alanine for L-theanine for the first half of the day I’ve noticed a cognitive decline.

It works well as an anti anxiety supplement though. But so does L-theanine, so if I don’t notice any other benefits after a few weeks I’ll probably stop taking it and just go back on L-theanine full time. L-theanine is probably helping cognitive symptoms to some degree.


I think the cognitive decline is a result of less dopamine hitting your system from the L Theanine.

I could be wrong though.