I might finally be onto something regarding the supplements I'm taking

Previously it would take me hours to feel normal after waking up. Like up to 6 hours sometimes. Id always feel “hungover”.

Now I feel ok after about an hour.

I think I’ve finally stumbled on a supplement combination that works well for me.

I take this just after waking up :

Beta Alanine 750mg
L-theanine 200mg
2 cups of coffee

I think all my faffing around with supplements has finally paid off.


I’m loving the broccoli so far. I feel much less agitated and calmer. I’ll def keep Beta Alanine in mind for next time. My doc is in an hour I will ask for Zoloft or Lamictal or something he recommends to stabilize me. I will keep on taking the broccoli I read some amazing things about it for health, other than anxiety. Apparently it works like Prozac.

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Good luck with your psychiatrist. I hope he can recommend something that works.

I’m glad you found the broccoli sprout extract helps. I can’t use it with abilify+beta alanine as I get a pressure on my chest. So I’m off it for now.

Let us know how you get on with your psychiatrist!

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I’m taking mega3 and it helps with my concentration and mood

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