Went to an extended family gathering today and felt human

Normally when I go to these things I come away feeling bitter for one reason or another and naturally it’s everybody else’s fault lol.

But today was different. I felt like I fitted in and made an effort in conversation etc.

Eventually I did get overwhelmed by it all and kind of dropped out of the conversations. But I didn’t beat myself up about it.

The reason seems to be 2 new supplements I’m trying. Beta Alanine and Taurine.

Beta Alanine chills me out and Taurine seems to improve my mood.

@DNA tried beta alanine and said he had a horrific time coming off it. So use it / experiment with it at your own risk.

Here’s my boring thread about beta alanine.


I’m so glad you enjoyed yourself!

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For those of us that felt like god, there in nothing quite as satisfying as feeling human


Well said ! :smile:

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I’m glad you did well @everhopeful!

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I’m glad you felt human. That’s happened to me before, I like it.

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lucky you everhopeful. family life that is satisfying is so helpful. too bad so many families won’t help.


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Hey, this is progress! Congratulations. Hoping you can have more successful outings now that you know you can enjoy them.



Glad you had a good time @everhopeful

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Thanks ! :sunny:

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