Final grades

Got two A’s in my two paralegal classes for the spring semester. Finding though what makes unemployable might be lack of computer skills though as I tried to work this week at a furniture store but the computer program was beyond me! Hoping to have a nice summer and fiind something I can do some time soon though. Des.


Congrats on the grades.

Im thinking of going back to college myself but fear I don’t have the proper application. It can take me a long time to read academic books. Half the time Im just trying to decipher the words they use. It basically take s me a long time to read a page. I have to really concentrate. I find it hard.

Do you have a knack for concentrating and focusing when reading pages with lots of difficult educated words in it. You know like, you basically have to really concentrate just to read the page. Is there a knack to it?

Have you tried audio books?

I agree with oneceapoet! I’m doing a degree through distance learning and got audio books of the text books through my disability profile. It really helps I either lie down and listen to them along side making notes or I read the book with the audio playing and my reading tends to speed up.

Something to consider!

Well done on your grades! A well earned rest now :blush:!

Best wishes and enjoy your summer!