I'm way behind in reading for my class

The professor says we need to read 12-15 pages a day to stay on course and its the fourth day of the week and i’ve only read 20 pages so far. The textbook is so boring and dense. I don’t know what to do

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Space it out. Read a little in the morning, a little in the afternoon and the rest at night. Maybe plan ahead at what times you are going to read.

My geography course was kind of boring and dense but I swore at the beginning I would not get behind. And I kept to that promise

You got to budget your time and not get behind. Set small goals, maybe even make a chart of times you’re going to read. Set a goal of 5 pages in the morning, 5 pages in the afternoon and the rest at night. Set your goals and stick to them.

What class are you taking by the way?


Your advice sounds great nick but I oversleep and only have so many hours in my day. Once I stop oversleeping I think I’ll have the ability to space out my reading and finish it.

I’m taking American History 1865-present. I’m not pursuing a degree I just wanted a goal/ something to do.


I see. Wow, I would think history would be somewhat interesting.

IDK then. I would just suggest finding a nice quiet space to read with no distractions and knock it out.


It’s interesting stuff presented in a boring way, if that makes sense. Did you finish your class yet?


Yes, I ended up getting a B, which surprised me. I was just worried about passing it.

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I’m also worried about passing. B is a good grade man! @velociraptor owes you a foot massage


What’s the course for? Part of your program?

My ankles aren’t getting anywhere near @velociraptor.


[ roars out from under couch ]

[ realizes ankles are out of reach ]

[ bites @77nick77’s copy of The White Album instead ]

[ scoots back under the couch to savour the taste of victory ]

[ and vinyl ]



No program, just taking an online class to have something to do. Still want to succeed that said


Right on. Try not to stress too much about the pace.

Maybe a self pace course is better?

thanks @LevelJ1 but i dont think i can quit my current class because my parents paid for it and they want to see me succeed in it

happy friday to you

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Cheers man. You can do it :muscle:

Happy friday

This was a good thread.

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Nice comments. I enjoyed it

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