So far so good

Lol.So this week in my online class we read “Peter Pan”. Later in the week it will be “Harry Potter”. Lol. My assignment is to answer a total of 5 questions about them in several sentences for each question. And take a 35 question multiple choice quiz. So far I got two “34” scores on the first two quizzes. This is my last “easy” class. Relatively. To finish up my degree I need Algebra, Physical science, Philosophy, and Communication. Oh yeah. I also need to re-take a Humanities course.


For algebra it helps to work a few problems before the test to stop the nervousness. If you keep up with your home work and go see your professor when you have questions you should do fine.

I hated algebra. I had failed it the first time around in school, second time wound up paying a large amount for a tutor from another university…then found out my university offered free tutoring which helped a great deal for my second class. Hope you do well.