I slept only 1 hour last night. I have the opportunity here to get back on a good sleeping schedule tonight. If I can stay awake till 10 PM (it’s currently 2:54 PM here) then I should wake up around 7-9 AM tomorrow morning and BOOM just like that back on a decent sleep schedule.



Coffee :coffee: might help. Or a cold shower.


Hate the taste of coffee haha.


Best wishes for you.:slightly_smiling_face:

I’ve had such nights too with no sleep.
It’s absolutely horrible.

I have insomnia too.
It sucks!

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FU-CK I had a nap i’ll most likely be up all night now … i’m my own worst enemy

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Take an OTC sleeping pill or something… Melatonin is natural and affective in many cases

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Good luck! I hope you get good sleep

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Thank you @ZmaGal

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I post a lot here about my mixed up sleep schedule but I had it straightened out for a entire week last week.

Hello my Canadian friend!

I hope you’re able to get some good rest tonight.


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Hey my American buddy!

Thanks, I hope so too.

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You bet bud!

If you can’t sleep you know where to find me. Pm or the “say anything” thread! LOL. :wink:

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Are you finding it harder to establish a sleep schedule with the change in light lately? I know that in Alaska the changing light is causing me to sleep less and less…

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