Fell asleep in acupuncture today and it was BAZZAR

Wow. So after getting the needles in I decided to take a nap since I had trouble sleeping last night. Couldn’t figure out if I was asleep since I kept hearing people talking and my eyes were closed. Hearing voices then I would open my eyes to find that I just heard voices saying real personal stuff about my past etc. I don’t honestly know what just happened. I heard people come in through a back door and get called back to their appointment…there is only one door in the Chinese medicine clinic. Upstairs, however, there is a doctor’s office and RNA and NA will come and get people to call back into the appointment. The two people laying next to me kept having conversations at full volume and when I started thinking about something they would interrupt my thoughts and start talking about me and apparently I’m really good at rapping. That gave me confidence but I kept wondering how on earth they knew what I was thinking or why they knew I wanted to start rapping I guess they said they ve read my writing and were impressed. So I open my eyes to find them both lying next to me with their eyes closed. Did their astral bodies go into mine so they could just have a conversation and I could listen in? it was so real I honestly didn’t know what to believe dream or alternate reality/plane of existence. WEIRD. It took me like thirty minutes to feel like I was touching back down to earth.

Don’t go to sleep next time. Maybe one of the needles tapped into your brain.

Good call. Idk what was going on but I don’t want that to happen again. Get out of my brain, damnit

I would like to try acupuncture but I have to get over my fear of needles and strangers. I have wanted to ask if my sis could be in the room with me. Then I know I’d be safe.