Do your voices know your dreams?

Hi. Just wondering if anyone is like me with respect to dreams and voices in my head. Often after I wake up my voice will start talking about a dream I had a few hours earlier. He knows about it in about as much detail that can be obtained from the relevant part of my brain. It is often not clear detail but enough to get the general idea and for you to agree that yes it was what you dreamt.

Does anyone in here have a voice that talks about a dream you had that day? I am mostly wanting to hear from those who have voices that will talk about the dream the same day. Voices often trigger memories of the dream for me.

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my voices can and do read and talk about my dreams but oddly enough the voice that seems to know me the mos is actually silent. and I hallucinate a black figure and it shakes its head yes and no in response to my thoughts. Also one of my voices is supposedly my brain, which identifies as a female. she talks at me more than to me, every now and then she’ll have what i believe to be an avatar in my dream and as my dream is ending she’ll speak a sentence and it’s all I’ll remember later on…

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Wow…thats pretty amazing, snowkage. How long have you been hearing voices for and have you ever tried medicating them? Or do you want to keep hearing?

It’s been about a year, now. Honestly, experience has been 50% mental, and 50% spiritual. The meds I have, if anything , dumb me down.

I know what u mean. There was a time my voice woke me up and review every dreams with me on my first episode. Close to the experience you have described. I don’t have voices anymore. A few months ago I still have lucid dreams. I don’t have them now either.

Hi. Do you not hear voices now because it has been medicated or did it go away naturally? If medicated can I ask the medicine you used to get rid of the voices?

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