Do you hear voices in your dreams?

I’m a new member but I’ve hovered for quite a while, I don’t know if anyone will reply to this but I’m genuinely curious but also to know I’m not alone, sometimes I don’t escape my voices in sleep sometimes they come along to my dreams too, it’s a very disturbed sleep as my sleep often is but in the morning it fills me with despair because sleep is a refuge for me but sometimes I can’t escape even then, normally when I’m bad but it’s only recent, in the last year it’s started when I’ve heard voices since i was 16 which is five years ago now and I just wanted to know whether I’m alone in this or whether others do too. Hello everyone by the way waves I hope we’ll get along okay, take care!

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hello hunni. sometimes i do hear their voices in my dreams which invariably wakes me up but most of the time i don’t. so ur not alone in that. welcome by the way…waves back. xxx

Yup I have heard my voice in my dreams but it happens very rarely…perhaps 3 or 4 times a year.

As a side note my voice is always aware of every dream I have. When I wake up he knows what was dreamt.

He can also show me images from obscure dreams I have had in the last 6 yrs…things I have forgotten. He does this by planting an image in my mind.

I have heard voices in my dreams, and sometimes they can be terrifying. One voice said, “All alone. All alone.” As if I was all alone in the world, and always would be. That made me depressed for a couple of days.

Nope. My dreams are usually quite vivid (a side effect of Geodon) and I usually dont like waking up. I also lift heavy weights so my body craves sleep, im always sore somewhere. I woke up with really sore forearms and triceps today. I have a book on dream symbolism, and I like to be able to realize what my dreams (may) mean. Freud said there were like 700 phallic symbols in dreams so I kinda ignore those. But I did have nightmares quite often when I was unmedicated. I still have a random nightmare here and there but I think my meds have improved my incidence of nightmares somehow.

thought i would say hi everyone is friendly on here, i feel safe here, i am sure you will.
take care

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hi I’m new here but been lurking on the boards. I here voices in my dreams. They are evil voices just like the ones I here during the day . I hope every one had a great day.

I know exactly what you mean. they used to never come into my dreams until earlier this year…sleep was my safe haven but now they wake me and keep me up…saying im not allowed to sleep or sometimes their yelling or being loud so I cant sleep.

My voices or “personas” are such an integral part of my waking hour, it seems natural some follow me into sleep. Doesn’t bother me, feels like meeting up with old friends.

Wow thank you for the turn out! I’m glad I’m not alone and some of this sounds very similar to my own experience as being woken up by it and it being quite rarely I think I posted because it happened the other day and it makes me wonder If I do ever recover whether I’ll still have them in my dreams as well as memory. I highly doubt they will ever disappear entirely they are a part of me due to my reasoning for them being here. But this year I’m doing cbt and challenging them which I’m terrified of because I’ve had to keep a diary of them and that makes them aggressive let alone what they will be like with actual challenging. Any way I’m rambling sorry I’m just so tired of them like I’m sure many of you are they are like a part of my normal life now but they still have so much power.

I really appreciate the turn out, this seems such a friendly place, I’m relieved I finally joined! Thank you and take care!

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I’ve been known to sleep walk. I do hear voices when that happens. I’ve woken up to a loud voice in my head, only to find myself outside, half way down the street in my pj’s.

yes i do hear voices in my sleep but it is perfectly normal to do that,

because our dreams are in our heads where everything happens but that does not mean that waking voices are linked to dream voices, when we dream our brains are in an altered state, kind of like a flux and it is at this stage that we receive our higher thoughts, our spirutual reflections about our life, i sometimes change my theories but thats not to say that each one is not true as they are all linked by one common thing, the brain and our spiritual self,

my next theory is probably a bit more complicated but i’ll try and simplify it, maybe when we dream we are receiving thoughts from God, maybe it is his only way to try and help us, we have our own thoughts of course about what we have been doing and been thinking about, our worries and fears also and so god tries to help us subconsciously, unconsciously by making up stories where we have to figure out the morals of them inside our heads,

the main point i am trying to ascertain is that God is influencing our dreams for the better (even if we don’t realize) even if it is a bad dream and because we have all been told that our dreams are fantasy and dont make sense we believe that and disregard our dreams like it never even happened, and i believe that this wilton disregard for our very nature is totally against everything we are. x

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thats indeed a good question.
i sometimes can remember dreams when i wake up, but i think “too my knowledge”
I never ever have had memory of sound during those dreams
maybe we are telepatic also in dreams?

strange indeed.