Feelings of shame and guilt

Staying in bed all day everyday, not able to play videogames alone, need a friend to call me and play with me for 30 min, not able to work, showering just once every 7-8 days with difficulty, etc

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Sorry to hear that. Im the same except i shower once a month. Im also socially isolated which sucks. Do you know when Xanomeline will be approved? I hope it gets approved relatively quickly because i dont know how much longer i can keep living like this. I know SEP-363856 still has a while to go.

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Not able to exercise, shop, or even walking outside etc I gained 170Lb since having sz.

How many years will it take to get approved?

I would say 2023 if it passes clinical trials. On Abilify I hung out with friends everyday, went to gym 4x/week, worked at my mother’s accounting office full time, etc