Has anyone experienced

Has anyone experienced guilt or shame after a psychotic episode because of something you did during psychosis or worry that something you did which was wrong you might do again during another episode? Yes

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Yes, that’s something I experienced.

Yes. I have felt guilty/ashamed after a break

And I’m terrified to go into another one

Yes I do, I understand well the shame that can come with actions that aren’t exactly based in reality.

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How does anyone deal with being worried another episode will happen besides taking meds?

(Yes, ok) But in my thought I want to revert the process of schizophrenia. Because of environmental factors I became psychotic, now I release venom to make society mad. Thats it.

Yes. The guilt of psychotic behavior made me all the more hateful. I found a change in environment the only thing that would make me forget and move on with my life.

yea i have felt both guilt and shame after a psychotic episode…

I have constant guilt and shame over it. Its basically crippling since I dont leave the house much so I think its part of my illness

Makes it that much worse when I actually do something dumb or embarrassing or scares people

yup, and it’s very cumbersome