Feeling suicidal....help

I feel it again. My old friend has come. Kyle, my dear… My dear friend. You’re a mean one… Mr Kyle (a hallucination). I cannot stand you.


hugs Cam you’ll be fine. Hallucinations always go away, this will be no different.

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Woa. If you’re feeling that way, call someone on your medical team ASAP.


I don’t have a medical team… Other than a therapist, which I’ve only seen once.

Big hugs honey


You said you were on Thorazine, where do you get it? Call that person.

Kyle can’t hurt you, just like my companion can’t hurt me. It’s horrible being in that place, but you don’t have to do anything. It’s good that you’re reaching out. Can you go out somewhere? Can someone come and be with you?
My companion gives up eventually, every single time.

He’s always there…

Definitely talk to a family member or doctor about these increases in hallucinations. Having suicidal thoughts can be a symptom but it needs to be treated with support from your family and doctor. I hope things calm down for you and the hallucinations subside. Sorry you are going through this, I know how you feel.


I know the feeling. Its constant for me. But u gotta push through it and realize its only a hallucination. Suicide is no way to end anything itll only bring more pain. Ur gonna be ok. I hope this helps.

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That’s the mental health hotline for your state.


Geez you’d better get yourself some medical help, before you harm yourself. Start with a regular family doctor. He’ll hook you up with the right people. There’s no need to suffer like this.


If you are truly suicidal.
Go to the ER like Now
Don’t wait for things to get worse.


So is Seraton, my companion. He doesn’t have to leave for you to be ok. You don’t have to listen to him. Override his abuse.
Do something good for yourself, @DatTallGuyCam. Go against Kyle. When I first started going against Seraton it was honestly the most frightening thing I’ve ever done. He was furious. But I learned that he has no actual power but what I give him. Take the power back from Kyle. :heart:

You know it passes right?

Amazing we’re strong

Cam PMed me and said “Goodbye I’m doing it”.

Oh god that’s heavy for you @Sooner88.

Cam! You’re going through a really stressful time at the moment. I hope to god you’re reading this.

Everything will work out and the hallucination Kyle will go away. Just stay here with us and chat to us. I’d like to know more about you. Can you please stay with us until you can go to the ER or call your doctor?

I’ve been trying to gently calm him down but he’s not answering anymore…

@DatTallGuyCam Please call 911 and ask for help. You have people who care about you IRL and on this forum. Please ask for help.

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@DatTallGuyCam Stay with us
Call 911 immediately