Feeling suicidal

I just can’t take my mental anguish anymore.

Caroline ,
you know what i think, you are a beautiful person who has so much to give the world, you come across kind, thoughtfull and caring.
as i was saying to some one else, not on here.
it is a travesty to cut down a beautiful tree, or desecrate a paintng by one of the masters, so your life is something of beauty and therefore you should keep going.
go to uni, expand your horizons, see beyond the pain, there is something beautiful out there for you.
go for a walk in nature and sit in a park and see the beauty.
keep going.
take care



I agree. Go get that university degree. :sunny: :smiley: :smile:


You’ll get thru this, I know. Just tell yourself you will.


On thing that had helped me when had been feeling suicidal in the past was remembering that nothing lasts forever, even misery.


I have had some really bad symptoms that I thought were permanent and were horrible. Every time I pay attention I feel like hell, really bad. About four days ago I figured out it was something I was thinking that was causing the problem. I stopped doing it and now I feel normal again. I could cry I am so happy. You never know when things could change. Hang in there and come here for support. Talk to your doctor about any resources that may be available to help you with coping with your illness.

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a wise doctor said when i was rock bottom in hospital, ‘‘you won’t always feel that way’’ …’‘don’t give up on hope’’ and how true his message was, Caroline the sun will shine for you again.


aww, i’m sorry Caroline, please dont feel bad, its not always going to be like that.

we all get down sometimes but we always manage to pick ourselves up and brush ourselves off

there is always light at the end o the tunnel and a silver lining at the bottom of the rainbow we just need to keep telling ourselves that.

take care x

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Im becoming suicidal as well.

Hi! I’m new to the forum. This is my first post. I was feeling suicidal and called my ex. She called the police and I was in a hospital on suicide watch having my only second psychotic episode that I know of. Somehow I managed to get tazered. It was a little bit like what I thought electric shock therapy might be like. Anyway, I was diagnosed as schizoaffective. I hope no one minds me using the forum with a slightly different diagnoses. Things will not always be as bad as they are now. You and all the folks here really impress me. I don’t think that I could be in school or anything. Take care.


I wasn’t going to come on today - I’m not feeling at my best lately with this crippling depression I’m feeling.
But I saw this post. You probably have depression also, I don’t know, but if you are in a lot of pain, please talk to your pdoc, he or she can make adjustments to your meds. And from what I know of you, the others are right, you have a lot to offer, you have a lot of positive dreams - I keep telling myself this also, the way you are feeling now - it will not last forever, you will feel better. Take care

What I did in these times was think of a memory, a positive memory that makes you laugh. Then remind yourself that times can be like that again, that you will laugh at this one day. It’s actually a trick one of my friends told me when I told him I had been diagnosed.

But you have too much going for you! If you’re in anguish, it’s the psychiatrist’s problem! You need to see them ASAP and they will listen and do something about it. All psychiatrists keep emergency slots open in the early mornings at 8, you sound like you deserve one of those appointments. Get in there and get professional help!

Just say it to your doc like you just posted it. They will understand. You WILL get better if you get help!

hunni, u really need to talk to ur pdoc. get a med adjustment or try a new one. nothing lasts forever and if u find the right med u could lead a relatively normal life. please talk to someone. xx

I’m schizo-affective too. This website covers both and I’m sure any other related conditions. Welcome.

Thank you for all of your kind and supportive words. They make me feel a little bit better. I’m feeling less suicidal today than I was yesterday. I put away all of my pills. I haven’t canceled my classes yet. And I’m thinking about making an extra appointment with my psychiatrist.

Hi pansdisease. I hope you feel better. All the nice things that people said to me apply to you as well. We will get through this.

Everything passes just think of something else if u feel upset…

Its wierd i stopped taking meds in 2010 and i have felt much better ever since… no longer suicidal … i dont have those terrible negative symptoms… etc it took about a year to get right but now i feel like so goorelapse but over all i can deal with it…

hey pansdisease,
i won’t give you a sith hug we are pretty toxic beings, but instead i hope the stars always shine bright in the night sky for you.
take care

so sorry your feeling this way:( your such a kind lovely person that i hope all your problems go away for you hun tcx