People are bullying me

they call me psychotic and delusional for fun and laugh at me :confused: what to do

Who? Your family or friends?

my doctors etc and the people here

Drs and these ppl don’t do this bcz they understand what schizoohrenia is. Both know how it feels. By bullying, what exactly are these ppl and drs saying?

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they call me delusional and psychotic because ive had weird beliefs
not all weird beliefs are psychosis!

I dont think people are bullying you here mate. Maybe do a self-check on the ol’ paranoia? Its probably real to you - sure.

But if you sat down for a hour and anaylised your thoughts - im sure you will find its your Sz playing up. Doing your meds as prescribed?


i havent been diagnosed with sz and i took my abilify shot yesterday and im taking the pills for a week or two

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You need to agree that weird beliefs are weird for a reason. Maybe you need to think about if weird beliefs are good for you.

Ok - Fair comment. I will shut up.

If you got people winding you up - just tell them to bugger off and dont give them the power by stressing over it.

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i know that they are weird, i dont believe them anymore because of that reason

There´s a high chance they are. Better to believe in common sense.
For example, the fact that a doctor is laughing at you bc you have an illness is a weird belief.

sigh its not a weird belief when its reality

I used to think that everyone is bullying me.
I also stopped taking my meds for a year.
It took me a homicide and a suicidal attempts to accept treatment. I hope you stay alive and don’t go as far as me…

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im not schizo so i doubt i will :confused:

What are you diagnosed with? Just psychosis?

But your thoughts without meds are dangerous.

why? theyre just thoughts they cant harm anyone

just psychosis NOS…

Well for me they started like that and got real afterward. I hope its not the same for you.
Anyways having your ideas without meds is torture and you could become suicidal.

Thinking that your doctor is laughing at you is WEIRD and a BELIEF, because doctors don´t usually laugh at patients AND because believing that someone is laughing at you is still a belief.