About got admitted

Soo… For a week I haven’t been feeling like myself. I go to my counselor and I tell her what was on my mind and all what was going on. She said I was going through psychosis, she didn’t want to send me home, she saw me not being safe toward myself and possibly to no one else. The thing is I don’t know what I even said, she called the crisis center on me for them to come out. I refused to go anywhere but home. They came out and after calming me down gave me two options, either go to the hospital or my doctor. I chose my doctor, got an appointment soon. But today I feel well.

I’m glad you are feeing better today. I’m glad you got to come home.

It really gets to me when one is having a talk with the doc, being calm, trying to get through the appointment and then all of a sudden they think you need to be in hospital.

It’s why people don’t trust the docs. It makes me feel like I shouldn’t open up to them and tell them what is on my mind. One thing that has helped is… I’ve signed a bunch of paper saying that my family can sit in on my sessions with my doc if I ask them. So if that happened to me, I wouldn’t be facing that doc alone.

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