Feeling really shitty

I’m leaving for our trip tomorrow night and I really don’t want to ^%$ing go.

Actually, this trip has been a huge reminder of how much I struggle every day to keep my sanity in check. I am constantly fighting off this abusive and terrifying delusion and I can’t do anything worthwhile without getting triggered.

This trip feels like it’s going to be a huge stress for me. I don’t know if I’ll be able to enjoy it.

I’m feeling really bitter.


trips are stressful for me too…


It will be hard but you will get through it
How long you going for

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Trips are kind of a double edged sward.

On one side, its stressful to plan and that stress makes symptoms worse,

Getting out of your routine can also make things go a little wonky in your mind.

However, when you’re actually there, doing it, its usually pretty fun,

And you get a sense of accomplishment after you’ve completed it.

I think you’ll be okay once you get past the worry of anticipation and planning.



Thank-you. Just 10 days.

I went on a trip over the summer and I felt the same way. In the end, I went. I had some trouble with my anxiety and hallucinations, and I couldn’t sleep at all. But I got to see my friend and do some cool touristy things. Is this for the overseas funeral? Or am I mixing you up with someone else?

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That is quite long trip
Maybe the first day is hard but maybe you could relax a little or even enjoy
Be strong and soon you will be home again and breath a sigh of relief

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It’s not for a funeral but a family member did pass away in April. So that’s the main reason we’re going.

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Thank you. I hope I can get some enjoyment out of it. Last time I went I had a blast but that was two years ago when I was in a different headspace.

I’m sorry. That isn’t a fun trip. Who are you going to be traveling with?

My mom. Yeah it’s going to be a bit depressing.

I was thinking that too. I think once I’m there and I’ve settled in, it’ll be okay. It is a really nice little town with warm people and their attitude towards the dead is a bit different compared ours. So that’ll be interesting.