I hate this feeling

I pride myself on being a pretty sunny guy. I LIKE being in a good mood. I try to contain, work through and dispel my anger. But I woke up irritated at life today. I’m just in a feisty, irritated mood.

When that happens, every little thing just taste more bitter. There isn’t going to be an adventure Sunday today because it’s an Aunt’s birthday and small family lunch at the parents house. I’m not too crazy about this one aunt. Some of my extended family is amazing and I am glad I have them as friends. Some of my extended family… I wish I didn’t know.

I already know I can leave and come back as needed. I can’t really blame my Sz and cop out due to symptoms… that seems a bit chicken lately. I have no other reason then I just don’t really like this Aunt. But it means a lot to my Mom for me to at least show up.

I sort of wish I could play up my symptoms and get out of going, but my parents know I’m in better health then this.

I hate feeling consumed by irritation. It’s like bitter coffee with bad vinegar and unripe avocado.
Trying to be nice and cheer up… I’ll be happier tonight I hope.

If I come off as irritated and snappy, I do apologize, this is not my best day. Thank for letting me vent.


I myself am not feeling the greatest- my finals are all within 24 hours of eachother and I had a brief relapse yesterday, it was a huge blow to my ego to be symptomatic for several hours.

Im feeling irritable as well. I am pretty pissed that I have all of my finals in 24 hours, that just seems unfair to me. I’ve come too far to let schizophrenia stop me, I havent made a B yet this semester and I just need to grab my nuts.

I havent had a relapse since October, I am pretty shaken up. I texted all of my friends (theyre 21) asking for booze and they were like NO, YOU DONT DRINK ANYMORE. They’re good friends.


hey it would be abnormal if you didnt wake up in abad mood occasionally! mortimouse they are VERY good friends! not just drinking buddies which is great. good luck with grabing your nuts lol that made me laugh be kind to yourself!

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Yeah, use your wits, knowledge, and experience, to tackle those finals. Good friends are invaluable. No booze. Can you get accommodations from your teachers? Maybe they will let you take your finals alone in an empty classroom or give you a little extra time. I understand the ego thing. I usually don’t have a big ego but I’ve been knocked down from time to time at my job by new co-workers and I had to eat a little crow. But if I stick with my own game plan, I find I can persevere and hold my own. And you certainly have way more confidence than me.