Feeling powerless over depressive spells

this morning i woke up after nightmares and just sat and stared at the wall thinking dark thoughts for two hours. It’s like i can barely move when i get really depressed. i don’t know what to do about these long moments.


Me too I cant move when I am depressed, I know what you mean. But I am depressed almost every day in the evenings because of the meds too in a way… well, what to say, think that those are just moments… :slight_smile:

I sincerely feel sorry for you two. I will be thinking about you both. For years and years, I was extremely depressed and determinedly suicidal. I have no idea how I escaped death. Someone was looking out for me that is for sure. One fine day, my mood lifted just like an elevator. I could even feel it going up in my gut just like an elevator from my groin to the top of my head. And from that point forward, I have never been depressed since. That was fourteen years ago. For fourteen years, my mood has been consistently happy and content. I’m telling you, it can happen. And I sincerely don’t think I will ever be depressed again.


yes, me too I wait to feel it in my gut like you say… I have a lot of psychosomatic symptoms, they are all painful so I wait often that this pain stops… I know that once we are better, we can be sure more of us, more in our health. but whatever, I wait for a relif since too long, I start to get tired of all this… Is it was an ad who lifted your negatives gina? Or an ap? on me, aps don’t work…

I’m sorry, man.

That sucks a lot.

Wish I had solid advice but I’ve never had real depression before,

But I have lost a lot of time just staring into the abyss, its scary.

You just have to keep yourself distracted.

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I hope you will feel better soon.

Anders used to take me to a lake summer time to make us feel better by having a dip.

He had back surgery too and was in pain.
He said it cleared his head to be in water and exercise in doable ways.

He had depression too.

Unfortunately I did /could not help him in return cause others were steering me and I was not myself.
I had voices 24/7 back then and had other boyfriends but it was not him he was/is sacred and great and I wish him happiness and apolagise I was so messed up.

I have a great holy partner now.
I love him .
We said we want to spend rest of our lives together .

Water and nature can be very healing.

If you are not near lakes or ocean maybe you could visit a swimming pool.

Some of them have saunas and cold pool.
Roman bath.

Maybe a friend or family help you and professionals?

A activity or a positive thing or something to look forward too.


Can be expensive though.

Feeling hopelessness and apathy is horrid.

I had it as child.

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Just try not to be afraid. And look forward for it to end. Sorry if you think that is bad advice. This is a tough one. Just never give up!

I kind of take the AA approach.

We admit we are powerless over our depression – that our lives had become unmanageable.

This sort of helps me come to terms with living with depression for the rest of my life.

I love water, but it’s freezing temperatures here in Midwest USA , and I don’t have access to a pool. Thanks for relating that. Water is healing.

I’ve been very severely depressed before and I didn’t want to get out of bed. Just totally hopeless. It finally lifted. I’m depressed again right now and the only hope I have is that it will finally lift. Good luck to you.i hope you feel better soon.


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