I am feeling very depressed

I feel really low. it’s happened before. lucky I am going to the pdoc on Monday but he ain’t a magician.

I don’t even know what did it to me. I just feel so locked up psychologically and emotionally as if I am in a mental health program that is all wrong for me. even my mom annoys me now.

I can’t stand it this not feeling free. I don’t deserve to be locked up like this.

I feel no privacy at home. like people are listening in – they’re the voices. my bosses. I hate it all


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so sorry ur feeling bad judy. can ur pdoc give u something for this? i do hope u feel better soon. ur friend, always. jayne xxx

I know depression well unfortunately, I do hope you feel better Judy- @jaynebeal is right, maybe your doctor can help you - wishing you well

the way I see it is, your anger at someone has turned on yourself because the person you are angry at is coming off as innocent and you can’t justify your rage. It’s a tricky way of feeling overpowered. I hate it, too.

Gosh Judy, I hope you find some way of letting your pdoc know how you feel? I’m so sorry you’re disheartened…I’ve been there…all I really needed was a med change when I was really down. Please try to find hope.

Hey Judy. I don’t know, but you seem to have mood swings. Or maybe this is simply a sane response to the not-so-sane situation you find yourself in.

Or maybe what chordy said.

i care, and i am sorry you are feelig so low.
take care

thank you for caring and sharing. I am feeling better now and angry as well. chordy is probably right.


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Ask about Viibryd so far it has does wonders for me in stabilizing my mood.