Feeling out of place and embarrassed

A lot of the time I feel this. As though I completely embarrass myself but a lot of the time I don’t know why. I feel like I have a bad rep round here. I just want to drop everything and start again. Its not like I’ve dropped everything to start again before so why shouldn’t I. I lived on the same street for 34 years of my life. All my life.

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I’m reading this book that talks about shame and letting it go. The author says that shame is being sorry for who you are rather than what you did. I’m only half way through the book, but it sounds like what she’s talking about. Try to accept yourself with your imperfections and let go of the shame. You have nothing to be ashamed of.


Life is complicated. You have a mental illness that confuses your thoughts and being and it is even more so.

Your a good person @anon80629714. You should be proud of what you’ve done and you don’t need to feel guilty or worry about such things but that is pretty much standard for most of us. It took me a lot of years to be happy about my lot. I didn’t get diagnosed till 29. Lots of wasted years till then. Your young enough to live and move forward!

Keep moving forward and be happy with yourself. Your a good egg!


I think it’s beautiful that you’ve lived on the same street for 34 years! That is a stability and prize that people yearn for but never come close to!

You have no reason to feel embarrassed. You are a wonderful person who strives hard to love others. You have weaknesses, like we all do, and you have strengths, like we all do.

It’s easy to think that if we start over our reputation will be a clean slate. But part of being in community and doing life with people means you will be vulnerable and they will see more parts of you. Eventually, your new crowd will see your weaknesses and strengths, too.

You are loved and valued and appreciated where you are!

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