Feeling nervous

Feeling a little apprehensive today. Hope i will feel better as the day goes on. Have to learn how to relax when im like this.

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Anxiety medication helps me much more. When I was off it I was very nervous.

Thanks tenchu, will keep that in mind.

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i hope you are feeling better :bird:
take care :alien:

Thanks dark sith. You take care too:)

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I have terrible anxiety, I take an anxiolytic. I was prescribed it to knock out my tremors and anxiety and binge drinking all in one blow, at least that is what I figure the docs wanted. Well, I have been functioning very highly ever since then and my tremors (akathisia) is manageable, my anxiety is not crippling, I just cant eat really acidic foods in the morning especially, but also in general. I dont binge drink. last time I did was over a year ago, and it made me have the worst hangover ever, so that stopped that ■■■■. I am a heavyweight, I can drink an astonishing amount before I even slur my words. I am really built, I lift weights compulsively and obsessively. It helps me absorb alcohol, that and I eat a lot so the carbs in my stomach absorb it too. I have had five drinks and not even been drunk in the last year. I just got a bit disinhibited, but wasnt drunk. I know what drunk is, I used to practically live with a bunch of guys and all we did was get ■■■■■■ up.

The anxiolytics, the benzodiazapines are NARCOTICS and should be treated with fear and prescribed as a last resort, ideally for people who function on them. People who actually need them to feel normal do not vegitate on them, they carry on with life and actually function more because their anxiety no longer restrains them from behaving normally in social situations, in public, in front of crowds, ect.

DO not DRINK whilst a benzo is active. But if you must drink, wait five hours after taking a xanax or twelve hours after taking a klonopin.

there are alternatives. Buspar (Buspirone) is a newer and safer, not narcotic anti-anxiety med. It seems to work for some, but it is a spiral compound, more like an SSRI (modern antidepressant such as Zoloft) than it is like a benzodiazapine (narcotic powerful and potent minor tranquilizer).

I must say that intensive therapy, at least once a week is in order before you are put on a benzo. It’s like getting married to a tiny pill. It will be part of you if you take it long-term like I do.


It’s The Bomb.

Do drugs…speaking of that…excuse me for a minute.