Anxious. As usual

My anxiety is high today. I kinda woke up thinking i was famous and a little paranoid. Havent fully recovered and my anxiety is killing me today. My stomach feels like its flipped. And im just really nervous to do anything


My dad just got home from hunting. Got two more pheasants. As he was telling me i started to have a panic attack. Luckily it subsided quickly. I just took my afternoon buspar. I wouldnt be surprised if i got paranoid today.

Im sorry about your anxiety.
There is podcasts about anxiety (if you listen to podcasts)
Do the buspar help you?

Buspar helps for two hours. I take it around three. It works after an hour and lasts for 2. Then at 6pm i start getting less anxious anyway. So usually taking it at 3 lasts all night. But from 10am to 3pm im extremely nervous and anxious. Its disabling. I dont really do anything at all because i am so nervous to. I usually try to nap. Its not every day. I think its bad today cause its been grey and rainy for the past 3 days. I think my brain is sick of being stuck inside.

I also take L theanine. That helps a bit too. Ive done a bunch of research on anxiety and do therapy. Nothing seems to help it. Im either super anxious and cant do anything or not that anxious and have a good day.

Do you know what is the source of your anxiety, what are you afraid of?

This is the story of my life. I hate it! I wish I could live a normal life and do what everyone else are doing. But I can’t. So I’m living my life isolated, buried in the couch. Life passing me by.

Im afraid of getting paranoid. But i just start out feeling nervous in the beginning of the day. I have generalized anxiety disorder so im just anxious for no reason.

Yeah. The past few days have been really rough. Ive done nothing but sit in bed or on the recliner. And look at social media which is slowly meltong my brain. Im kinda fed up with it at the moment. I just post pictures. I dont really look at it.

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I think some people are more prone to get anxiety disorders.
Great you done some recearch.
I myself take a lteanine-valeriana supplement atm.

L Theanine is great for anxiety. I take 1200mg and it works wonders

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Cause of my PTSD i feel anxious a lot, there is nothing i can do about it, I grew up that way. Plus i hear voices sometimes and don’t feel safe in my head either. Its messy. I do lots of relaxation, positive selftalk and such.

I’m sorry you’re paranoid today. It really sucks! How often do you take Buspar. How many mg each time?

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I am asking you because I had social anxiety in high school. The only way to deal with social anxiety is to face fears many times and tell your body and mind that nothing bad is going to happen in social situations. So Ive put myself in every possible social situations that I could. I am talking here about approaching group of 5 girls, public speaking. Oh man, the adrenaline, knees shaking, hearth going crazy, sweating, but after time all that uncomfortable feelings went away and it was replaced with pure confidence. But still I dont know if this method can be used in your case, because you dont know the source of fear, so it is not easy to attack it just like that.

I take buspar 2x a day at 30 mg per dose. Its the max you can take. I usually take it at 8 or 9am. It lasts till about 11am. Im anxious from 11am-3pm or 4pm till my next dose. I hate the middle of the day.

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My anxiety just happens. Theres no real fear of any one thing. Its just general anxiety thus “generalized anxiety disorder GAD”

You’re brave for facing the anxiety. I gave up and started Xanax.

My doctor wont prescribe me benzos. I had a problem being addicted to alcohol so he is afraid to give me something addicting. Even though i could use it. Anxiety dominates my life. I feel best on early mornings like this. Something about being up while the world is sleeping calms me.

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Yeah I got it from my GP. No way my pdoc would prescribe it. It’s best to avoid it anyways.

Maybe ill go to my gp. I could really use it. Anxiety makes me curl up in bed for hours on end. I just need something to last in the middle of the day